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Blanca's Glamour

Gradient Set

Gradient Set

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This High Waisted Soft Butt Lifting Set is the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. Made from a comfortable blend of Nylon and Spandex material, you'll be able to move and stretch with ease.

  • High Waisted Design: The high waisted design of this set provides ample coverage and support, allowing you to focus on your workout without worrying about adjusting your clothes.
  • Butt Lifting Technology: Our innovative butt lifting technology enhances your curves for a flattering silhouette that will boost confidence during any exercise routine.
  • Soft Fabric Blend: The nylon and spandex material is soft against the skin, providing maximum comfort while working out.

Whether you're hitting the gym or practicing yoga at home, this set will keep up with all of your movements while providing style that keeps up with current trends.


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