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Anti- Hair loss Bundle (3)

Anti- Hair loss Bundle (3)

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Anti Hair loss & Repairing spray Bundle

The bundle includes 3 sprays. 

  • Organic Haircare: This spray is made with organic ingredients such as argan oil and carrot seed oil.
  • Fragrance Free: Enjoy the benefits of this spray without any added fragrances.
  • Silicone Free: This formula is free from any silicones that may weigh down your hair or clog your scalp pores.

The ingredients list for this anti-hair loss spray includes a variety of beneficial extracts and oils. These include cinnamon bark extract, ginger root extract, rosemary leaf oil, tea tree leaf oil, lavender oil and many more. Additionally it has biotin which helps promote healthy hair growth while reducing breakage caused by everyday damage.

If you are looking for a natural solution to help reduce hair loss due to breakage while promoting healthy growth then this Anti Hair Loss Spray may be just what you need!


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